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It stays in the vard or in the islands : Tortuga, Los Roques, La Blanquilla, Los Aves, and in the deep of Venezuela at the border of Brazil. Shore excursions are possible from a minimum 3-days program. Activities on board are numerous : windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving… In fact, thanks to its hudge rear skirt, it is easy to put in all the necessary equipement water. Los Roques, for example, within the national park of Venezuela, is to name it a huge atoll ranked in the top five destinations « diving in the Caribbean Sea ». You can explore the many fish, including rare spacies, pelicans and turtles. The climatic conditions are also exceptional with a maximum level of sunshine.

Go to Venezuela ! Guy Delage’s green sailboat, Dagda, is just waiting for you…

Ilot Westtortuga. Photo © Guy Delage

Ilot Westtortuga. Photo © Guy Delage

You can charter Dagda alone, with family or with a group of friends. Six people can be shipped at the same time. This sailboat future, fast and reliable, versatile ecological platform tool for both tourist and scientific benefits from all the amenities. Captain and hostess will make you explore lost worlds in the most beautiful places on the planet and discover at the same time Russian, French and Caribbean gastronomy. You will learn to care with the pleasures of the mouth. The website offers a variety of programs stay on Dagda held for two weeks for non-contractual scalable according to the desires of each and weather type course. For you to try their luck! You can view the page proposals for 2013 or request a specific destination in that territory.

To learn more about the captain: www.guydelage.com

For the record, the boat Dagda takes its name from an early Celtic gods, druid perfect, sacred science, contracts, rules on time, eternity and the elements. The boat itself draws its energy from the cosmos : the sun and the wind. It was designed as a model sailboat those foreshadowing the coming decades will be poor in fossil fuels. Its carbon footprint is minimal and saving to passengers noise and odors combustion engines. Dagda is suitable for scientific missions, capable of carrying 500 kg of equipment and a team of four experts on long-term missions, scientific, ecological, social, humanitarian, cultural and educational. Its facilities and the media edge makes it an ideal tool for small teams wishing to work in the environmental. Its relevante keel also allows it to sneak in shallow passes to reach places inaccessible to other boats. The website describes the ship in detail and even offers you a virtual tour:  http://www.dagda.nu/virtual-tour/

Web : www.dagda.nu. Mails: v2zw1@sailmail.com / perunboats@yahoo.fr / projet.dagda@yahoo.fr

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The navigator Guy Delage, who has traveled more than 400.000 miles of sailing and made over 30 Atlantic crossings, has until November 15 to stay aboard his new sailboat, Dagda, combined with days of discovery of Venezuela.

Partite dal Venezuela – il veliero ecologico Guy Delage, vi spetta.... go-to-venezuela-guy-delages-green-sailboat-dagda-is-just-waiting-for-you Dagda - L'aventure